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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Rajini's Website runs without Internet

Have you ever heard a website running without internet?

Then here it is ,its a website about the south indian superstar Rajnikanth.

The suprising part of the website that you can only view it with your internet turned off.

You try to turn on your website with internet then a message comes saying"Aiyoo Switch off the internet"

Its an initiative by Desimartini,a WEBSITE by the fans of the superstar Rajnikanth.

Here's what the website consists of
1.The Story about the Superstar Rajnikanth,His Rise To Stardom.

2.Rajnikanth Jokes

3.Few stories about Rajnikanth.

Remember you cant view this website with your internet on.

Here's how the website works:

The moment you switch off the internet the magic turns on and opens the basic scripts.

Its a website you must check,its a great thing to see.

Plus the music running on behind the website is cool.

If your reading this post then dont miss to check this website.

Monday, January 23, 2012

How To Get Rid of Twitter Follow Limit?

Are you stuck in twitter's follow limit? and You are not able to follow more people right?

Here s why.You have entered the follow limit.That is,Twitter will ask you to maitain a ratio of 2:1 between your followings and followers.You have to maintain 2:1 ratio as soon as you follow 2000 people.

This was done by Twitter to reduce Spam,unwanted followers etc.

I too was stuck in a follow limit but i got rid of it,here's how:

I am currently using 2 services which helped me a lot in removing those people who do not follow me back.


This is a Free Service

Step 1:
Go to and login with your twitter account.Join as a Free User.

You Can also become a paid user(optional).Being a paid user wont make much difference but its your choice.Most of the people dont want a paid account hence join as a free user.

Step 2:
Click on the option "Flush Unfollowers"

Step 3:
Now you will get a list of those people who dont follow you back.

Step 4:
Just click on all of them or only those whom you want and click the "Unfollow Selected" option.

Now all those who dint follow you back are unfollowed.

Hence you will be out of follow limit.

Its easy and simple.
2:Who Unfollowed Me:

This is a Free Service

This Service will automatically unfollow those who unfollow you.

You just have to login with your twitter account on

But if your stuck in a follow limit then i suggest you to use Tweepi first and get rid of those who unfollowed you and then sign up for Who Unfollowed ME.

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Hope this post has helped you to make your twitter account free from follow limit.
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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Kontera ADs:Review

How do i sign up for Kontera Ads?
A:Go to and sign up as a publisher.

What are Kontera ADs?
A:If your thinking that Kontera Ads are like big banner ads like in Google Adsense then your wrong.Kontera ads earn you big bucks from your content for eg:
1.In the above image you will see a glimpse of Kontera Ads,ads will be published for your words in the post.
2.As a user comes and clicks the ad on the post he will be redirected to the website of that particular ad.

How much do they pay me?
A:Kontera ADs wont pay you much unless your blog traffic is more in USA and Cananda.

Will i be rich using Kontera Ads?
A:If your thinking you ll be rich then forget the thought.

Can i use it as an alternative to Google Adsense?
A:NO,Kontera pays you very low which is nothing in comparision to Google Adsense.

Which service do they use?
A:PPC,that is Pay-Per-Click,which means they pay you for every click.

Review:Kontera Ads works fine with Google Adsense but they attract your customers,cause a user is tend to click the word ad.
If you have Google Adsense in your blog/website then the user may click on the Kontera Ad and not on the Google Ads,which means Kontera Ads will be clicked more and as they dont pay well then your Google Adsense revenue will be affected.
So if Google doesnt accept you then you can go for Kontera but never use Kontera Ads with Google Adsense.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Bidvertiser Ads:Review

How to sign up for Bidvertiser?
A:Go to and Sign Up as a Publisher.

How are the ADs?
A:Bidvertiser wont pay you much though they use Pay Per Click Service they dont have much Advertisers with them.

How much will they pay me?
A:They will pay you as you reach a amount of $10 through PayPal and $100 through Check.

Which type of Ads Do they Publish?
A:PPC,that is Pay Per Click ADs.

Will publishing Bidvertiser ADs make me rich?
A:NO,it will take a long period for to you just to earn $1.

Good Points:
1.Their Toolbar is bit good and exciting.
2.They Work Fine with Google Ads.

Bad Points:
1.The Ads are very boring especially the text ads.
2.The Pop-Up Ads are quite disturbing.
3.Their Payment is very low.
4.You will earn 0.05$ per click or less or more which is a very bad thing.

Smowtion ADS:Review

How to Sign Up for Smowtion Ads?
A:Go to and sign up as an publisher.

How To Publish the Ads?
A:Just Select the AD sizes and copy the html script and paste it to your blog/website.

When will i get my payment?
A:Fill the "Fiscal Information" first and then you will recieve your payment.The threshold Payment will be "$50",that means they will send you a check as soon as you reach $50.

What type of Ads do they publish?
A:There are many types of Ads like PPC and PPA.

What's PPC?
A:PPC means Pay-Per-Click Service.They will pay you for every valid click from a user.

What are valid clicks?
A:Those clicks which are unique and not a generated click.

What will happen if i click on my own ADs?
A:At once or twice they may allow you but clicking on your own Ads again and again may lead to your Smowtion account to get deleted.

What's PPA?
A:PPA means Pay-Per-Action Service.This service is bit complicated,Cause you get paid not for the clicks but you get paid only if a user clicks on that AD and purchases,like's their page,Download content from that AD etc.

How much do they Pay You?
A:Most of the Ads are PPA and not PPC,which means you wont earn much from PPA ADs.To know more on PPA Ads read more at

Can i use this as an Alternative TO Adsense?
A:NO,not at all.

Good Points:
1.Their Customer Service.
2.They will work fine with Google ADs

Bad Points/Drawbacks:
1.Most of the Ads are PPA Ads which wont earn you much money unless you have a very high traffic of Atleast 1000 or more views per day.
2.Few Ads are bit pornographic and irritating and it will make your blog/website look Clunky.
3.If you have Google ADs in your blog along with Smowtion ADs then the Smowtion ADs are Disturbing and exciting(like porn ads etc).Which the users usually tend to click and the users may not click on Google ADs which will effect your bank balance.

You wanna earn money and if your having low traffic then Please dont use Smowtion ADs.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Chitika Ads-Pay Per Click Service

Chitika AdS usually considered as an Alternative to Google Adsense.

Here's what i think of Chitika Ads:

The Ad units of Chitika are good,they are Search Targeted Ads,Map Unit Ads and Textual Ads.

Search Targeted ADs:

These type of ads depend on the content of your ads and also depends on the search of a user.

For example:
Lets say your blog consists of Car's and the Chitika ads displaying in your blog will be about Cars.

Example 2:
Your blog consists of Cars and a user types in a search engine saying "Cars" and he enters your blog through the search engine,hence the Chitika Ads displaying on your blog will be saying "Are you looking for Cars?"

Textual ADs:
These are the usual ads which is bit similar to Google Ads but not completely the same.

Map Ad Units:
A Map containing ads will be displayed on your blog which is actually a good Ad.

Will Chitika Ads pay me like Adsense per click?
The answer for the above question is a "BIG NO".

Can i use it as an Alternative to Google Adsense?
Yes you can,Chitika ADs wont pay you like Google Adsense but they pay you well.

Tips For Earning More Money From Chitika Ads:
1.Make Sure your blog/website traffic increases in regions like Canada and USA,then you will earn a lot of money from Chitika ADs.

2.Map Ad Units are bit attractive and i suggest you to post the Map Ads to your blog/website.

Learn How To Get More Twitter Followers

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Can i add other Ads along with Google Adsense?

As i have said on my earlier posts that along with Google Adsense there are many other affiliate companies which will earn you big bucks.

But always remember Google Adsense is the King of Kings,they may accept you or may not but you cant deny the above fact.

Chitika Ads:

Chitika Ads will work with Google Ads and it wont do much harm to your bank balance,because Chitika is a Pay Per Click service just like Adsense.Chitika ADs works great if you have lot of traffic from USA and Canada.They have a great value per click but not as much as Adsense.Their Ads are simple in looking and Chitika Ads will not make your blog/website look "boring".

Bidvertiser Ads:

I have nothing to say about this cause Bidvertiser makes your blog look like an old computer,the ads are boring,the payment is too low and the pop-ups are quiet disturbing.So please it will work with Google ADs but you better dont use it.

Smowtion Ads:

Smowtion has great ads,their ads are so good and bit different but here comes the worst part, most of the Smowtion Ads are banners blinking with "DOWNLOAD" "PLAY NOW" options,which makes your blog look quiet disgusting.They attract the customers by publishing "porn" or "games" banners to your blog."games" are ok,but "porn" its not a good option.Here's something more worse,most of the ads by Smowtion are Pay Per Action Service , which means a user has to click the ad visit the site in the ad and sign up to that site or the user must download any content from that site then they'll pay you.Google Ads will work fine with Smowtion but if you are new to blogging and wanna earn money then Smowtion Ads is a "Big NO" to you.


Infolinks works fine with Adsense but using it with Adsense is a bad option cause Infolinks pays very low for every click.Its better than using Kontera Ads.

Kontera ADs:

Kontera Ads are just like Infolinks with which you can earn money through your words in the blog.But a "BIG NO" to Kontera Ads.Adsense works fine but payment is lower than Bidvertiser.If your blog has a lot of traffic from USA then Kontera is a good option for you.

Other Ads will work fine with Adsense but Adsense is still the "KING of Kings"