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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Best Twitter Java Apps

Many of twitter users still use twitter from java phones.Most of the people still use twitter from mobile web that is ,actually tweeting from mobile web is as boring as the time time when internet shuts down:P

Here Are few super cool twitter java apps which will help you in improving your twitter experience.


Snaptu was one of the best twitter app available for all kind of phones including java phones.But read this post correctly i mentioned Snaptu "was".Snaptu was recently accquired by Facebook,so Snaptu is no longer a Twitter App.

How to Download Snaptu: Go to


This app is simple and lets you tweet,reply your mentions,retweet,search and other basic things.This app will use less data and will save your mobile balance.If your using Mobile Web on Twitter then you would love to get Utweetme.

How to Download Utweetme: Go to This app works on all java phones.


This is an total twitter app for java phones.You can update status,reply mentions,retweet,check your retweets,share photos,videos etc.
Its a free app and it wont decrease your mobile balance,but if you are a regulare tweeter then i prefer you to use this app with a Internet Pack.

To Download Twitsnaps Go to This App is a must for java phones users.


This app is pretty cool the features of this app are allmost same as Twitsnaps,but its bit complicated to use and it may not satisfy your phone balance.

To Download TinyTwitter go to


An app which is bit complicated and confusing for users.This app usually works slow but will work good if your phone supports 3G.

This app has no website where you can get it,but you can go to and search for this app to download it.

Its a simple and nice app.

These are the 5 Free twitter apps for java phones,this post will be updated with more apps soon.


  1. Snaptu was eaten by bloody facebook so its not working

  2. Yes Snaptu was a super cool twitter app

  3. Snaptu was eaten by damn shit Facebook. and there is no other good apps in Java for twitter. bloody facebook sucks

  4. snaptu was a great i like twitsnaps.... thanks for this wonderfull post

  5. Bloody facebook we want an app like snaptu. Nobody interested in it.

  6. Snaptu really rocks!! I'm really impressed. Great to found this kind of blog. Thanks for sharing this.
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