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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Rajini's Website runs without Internet

Have you ever heard a website running without internet?

Then here it is ,its a website about the south indian superstar Rajnikanth.

The suprising part of the website that you can only view it with your internet turned off.

You try to turn on your website with internet then a message comes saying"Aiyoo Switch off the internet"

Its an initiative by Desimartini,a WEBSITE by the fans of the superstar Rajnikanth.

Here's what the website consists of
1.The Story about the Superstar Rajnikanth,His Rise To Stardom.

2.Rajnikanth Jokes

3.Few stories about Rajnikanth.

Remember you cant view this website with your internet on.

Here's how the website works:

The moment you switch off the internet the magic turns on and opens the basic scripts.

Its a website you must check,its a great thing to see.

Plus the music running on behind the website is cool.

If your reading this post then dont miss to check this website.