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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Kontera ADs:Review

How do i sign up for Kontera Ads?
A:Go to and sign up as a publisher.

What are Kontera ADs?
A:If your thinking that Kontera Ads are like big banner ads like in Google Adsense then your wrong.Kontera ads earn you big bucks from your content for eg:
1.In the above image you will see a glimpse of Kontera Ads,ads will be published for your words in the post.
2.As a user comes and clicks the ad on the post he will be redirected to the website of that particular ad.

How much do they pay me?
A:Kontera ADs wont pay you much unless your blog traffic is more in USA and Cananda.

Will i be rich using Kontera Ads?
A:If your thinking you ll be rich then forget the thought.

Can i use it as an alternative to Google Adsense?
A:NO,Kontera pays you very low which is nothing in comparision to Google Adsense.

Which service do they use?
A:PPC,that is Pay-Per-Click,which means they pay you for every click.

Review:Kontera Ads works fine with Google Adsense but they attract your customers,cause a user is tend to click the word ad.
If you have Google Adsense in your blog/website then the user may click on the Kontera Ad and not on the Google Ads,which means Kontera Ads will be clicked more and as they dont pay well then your Google Adsense revenue will be affected.
So if Google doesnt accept you then you can go for Kontera but never use Kontera Ads with Google Adsense.

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  1. kontera ads pay very less per click and my revenue isnt growing even 0.01$