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Friday, December 16, 2011

Save Tigers

Already we have lost many specie of animals in last century. The animals are killed for commercial use,and for their skins.

In India in year1937 India had about 7000 tigers and now we have only 1411 tigers (estimated). Our national animal is extincting from our own country.Is there any one to save them. Can our next generation will be able to see tigers as we didn’t see many animals because no body was their to save them.
Can’t we take any precautionary measures against it. I know government has taken many measures to protect it but still it if not enough to protect them.

We can do many things to save them please support us. In India many tigers reserves are there but still their extincting, we can provide more security to protect them, breeding of tigers all over the world , saving as many tigers as possible as from their illness by hiring vet.doctors, protecting their natural habitat as forest, etc. In some cases even government is responsible for the extinct of tigers in security purpose of tigers. Not only tigers are in endangered level of extinction but as well as lions of Africa and India, Blue whales in pacific ocean and sharks. Surely these fishes are killed to make cosmetic products from their skin and liver only for these thing they are killed. If one rich person dies all even after death he is there in news , television, etc. But if a animal dies we tell “we don’t care of animals they are the trouble on earth” is it good to say that. Even this generation does not have emotions against animals. If a animal kill’s a man you kill the animal back for protecting the man. eg : in Australia’s beach in 1980′s they killed many sharks when we asked why cause they started coming on the beach and tried to kill human . so they killed they sharks. so even if a human enters the region of animals and kills them illegally what we do? Nothing sit at home on a relaxing sofa holding a tea in hand and in other hand news paper and read and later forget it…. but if a animal kill’s a human when they go to office or any official they spread this animal is very bad it killed a human.

Think before telling anything.. How much important is each and every animal in ecosystem.human have brain to think but that poor, helpless animals what else they can do than dieing or escaping for this human world. we say animals come into the villages or cities.why do they come? Actually they don’t come we go in theirs area.


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