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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Can i add other Ads along with Google Adsense?

As i have said on my earlier posts that along with Google Adsense there are many other affiliate companies which will earn you big bucks.

But always remember Google Adsense is the King of Kings,they may accept you or may not but you cant deny the above fact.

Chitika Ads:

Chitika Ads will work with Google Ads and it wont do much harm to your bank balance,because Chitika is a Pay Per Click service just like Adsense.Chitika ADs works great if you have lot of traffic from USA and Canada.They have a great value per click but not as much as Adsense.Their Ads are simple in looking and Chitika Ads will not make your blog/website look "boring".

Bidvertiser Ads:

I have nothing to say about this cause Bidvertiser makes your blog look like an old computer,the ads are boring,the payment is too low and the pop-ups are quiet disturbing.So please it will work with Google ADs but you better dont use it.

Smowtion Ads:

Smowtion has great ads,their ads are so good and bit different but here comes the worst part, most of the Smowtion Ads are banners blinking with "DOWNLOAD" "PLAY NOW" options,which makes your blog look quiet disgusting.They attract the customers by publishing "porn" or "games" banners to your blog."games" are ok,but "porn" its not a good option.Here's something more worse,most of the ads by Smowtion are Pay Per Action Service , which means a user has to click the ad visit the site in the ad and sign up to that site or the user must download any content from that site then they'll pay you.Google Ads will work fine with Smowtion but if you are new to blogging and wanna earn money then Smowtion Ads is a "Big NO" to you.


Infolinks works fine with Adsense but using it with Adsense is a bad option cause Infolinks pays very low for every click.Its better than using Kontera Ads.

Kontera ADs:

Kontera Ads are just like Infolinks with which you can earn money through your words in the blog.But a "BIG NO" to Kontera Ads.Adsense works fine but payment is lower than Bidvertiser.If your blog has a lot of traffic from USA then Kontera is a good option for you.

Other Ads will work fine with Adsense but Adsense is still the "KING of Kings"

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