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Monday, January 16, 2012

Bidvertiser Ads:Review

How to sign up for Bidvertiser?
A:Go to and Sign Up as a Publisher.

How are the ADs?
A:Bidvertiser wont pay you much though they use Pay Per Click Service they dont have much Advertisers with them.

How much will they pay me?
A:They will pay you as you reach a amount of $10 through PayPal and $100 through Check.

Which type of Ads Do they Publish?
A:PPC,that is Pay Per Click ADs.

Will publishing Bidvertiser ADs make me rich?
A:NO,it will take a long period for to you just to earn $1.

Good Points:
1.Their Toolbar is bit good and exciting.
2.They Work Fine with Google Ads.

Bad Points:
1.The Ads are very boring especially the text ads.
2.The Pop-Up Ads are quite disturbing.
3.Their Payment is very low.
4.You will earn 0.05$ per click or less or more which is a very bad thing.

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