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Monday, January 16, 2012

Smowtion ADS:Review

How to Sign Up for Smowtion Ads?
A:Go to and sign up as an publisher.

How To Publish the Ads?
A:Just Select the AD sizes and copy the html script and paste it to your blog/website.

When will i get my payment?
A:Fill the "Fiscal Information" first and then you will recieve your payment.The threshold Payment will be "$50",that means they will send you a check as soon as you reach $50.

What type of Ads do they publish?
A:There are many types of Ads like PPC and PPA.

What's PPC?
A:PPC means Pay-Per-Click Service.They will pay you for every valid click from a user.

What are valid clicks?
A:Those clicks which are unique and not a generated click.

What will happen if i click on my own ADs?
A:At once or twice they may allow you but clicking on your own Ads again and again may lead to your Smowtion account to get deleted.

What's PPA?
A:PPA means Pay-Per-Action Service.This service is bit complicated,Cause you get paid not for the clicks but you get paid only if a user clicks on that AD and purchases,like's their page,Download content from that AD etc.

How much do they Pay You?
A:Most of the Ads are PPA and not PPC,which means you wont earn much from PPA ADs.To know more on PPA Ads read more at

Can i use this as an Alternative TO Adsense?
A:NO,not at all.

Good Points:
1.Their Customer Service.
2.They will work fine with Google ADs

Bad Points/Drawbacks:
1.Most of the Ads are PPA Ads which wont earn you much money unless you have a very high traffic of Atleast 1000 or more views per day.
2.Few Ads are bit pornographic and irritating and it will make your blog/website look Clunky.
3.If you have Google ADs in your blog along with Smowtion ADs then the Smowtion ADs are Disturbing and exciting(like porn ads etc).Which the users usually tend to click and the users may not click on Google ADs which will effect your bank balance.

You wanna earn money and if your having low traffic then Please dont use Smowtion ADs.

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