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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Chitika Ads-Pay Per Click Service

Chitika AdS usually considered as an Alternative to Google Adsense.

Here's what i think of Chitika Ads:

The Ad units of Chitika are good,they are Search Targeted Ads,Map Unit Ads and Textual Ads.

Search Targeted ADs:

These type of ads depend on the content of your ads and also depends on the search of a user.

For example:
Lets say your blog consists of Car's and the Chitika ads displaying in your blog will be about Cars.

Example 2:
Your blog consists of Cars and a user types in a search engine saying "Cars" and he enters your blog through the search engine,hence the Chitika Ads displaying on your blog will be saying "Are you looking for Cars?"

Textual ADs:
These are the usual ads which is bit similar to Google Ads but not completely the same.

Map Ad Units:
A Map containing ads will be displayed on your blog which is actually a good Ad.

Will Chitika Ads pay me like Adsense per click?
The answer for the above question is a "BIG NO".

Can i use it as an Alternative to Google Adsense?
Yes you can,Chitika ADs wont pay you like Google Adsense but they pay you well.

Tips For Earning More Money From Chitika Ads:
1.Make Sure your blog/website traffic increases in regions like Canada and USA,then you will earn a lot of money from Chitika ADs.

2.Map Ad Units are bit attractive and i suggest you to post the Map Ads to your blog/website.


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