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Monday, January 23, 2012

How To Get Rid of Twitter Follow Limit?

Are you stuck in twitter's follow limit? and You are not able to follow more people right?

Here s why.You have entered the follow limit.That is,Twitter will ask you to maitain a ratio of 2:1 between your followings and followers.You have to maintain 2:1 ratio as soon as you follow 2000 people.

This was done by Twitter to reduce Spam,unwanted followers etc.

I too was stuck in a follow limit but i got rid of it,here's how:

I am currently using 2 services which helped me a lot in removing those people who do not follow me back.


This is a Free Service

Step 1:
Go to and login with your twitter account.Join as a Free User.

You Can also become a paid user(optional).Being a paid user wont make much difference but its your choice.Most of the people dont want a paid account hence join as a free user.

Step 2:
Click on the option "Flush Unfollowers"

Step 3:
Now you will get a list of those people who dont follow you back.

Step 4:
Just click on all of them or only those whom you want and click the "Unfollow Selected" option.

Now all those who dint follow you back are unfollowed.

Hence you will be out of follow limit.

Its easy and simple.
2:Who Unfollowed Me:

This is a Free Service

This Service will automatically unfollow those who unfollow you.

You just have to login with your twitter account on

But if your stuck in a follow limit then i suggest you to use Tweepi first and get rid of those who unfollowed you and then sign up for Who Unfollowed ME.

For any other help or assistance on Getting more followers or anything about twitter just tweet me @nxtvignesh007 that is .You can even mail me at

Hope this post has helped you to make your twitter account free from follow limit.
Even after reading this post,if your still on follow limit then just tweet "#dataworld i am stuck in #followlimit" and we will help you within hours or by a day or two.

We are glad that our thousands of twitter users liked this post and they are out of #followlimit .If this post worked for you then please comment on here:)

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Stay Tuned.


  1. Lots of official news sources, networks, newspapers, etc. do not follow ppl, yet I want to follow them. The simplistic unfollow those who do not follow won't work for news junkies.

  2. this actually works....thanks for the android app its just great.....

  3. ok so i unfollowed all the people who wasnt following me and im still in the follow limit thing

  4. Thank you so much! I have been waiting for so long to get my followers to ratio 2:1 but it doesnt seem to work. I'm glad I found your site. Now I can get rid of people who I followed but never followed me back! Thanks for sharing/