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Friday, December 30, 2011

Google Adsense is one of the Best

I have been reading many posts saying that "Adsense dont pay me" "They are not accepting me" "They removed my account for no reason" "They dint pay me" etc.

So here's what i feel, I have been trying to get accepted by Adsense from many days,my application was rejected a lot of times(approx 7times),but finally it got accepted.

Now i am not fearing about Earning Money,the only fear is that "What if i lose my Adsense Account like the others say?"

If Adsense dont accept you then you should Sign Up for other affiliating companies,though they dont pay you well it's your only choice.

Take it as a stepping stone to Adsense.

I feel that i too shouted at Adsense a lot but just think once If you are saying that Adsense is not good then why are everyone running after it?

You dont beleive me? Then Sign Up for Bidvertiser,Infolinks,the way they pay you,it'll take a month to earn 0.50$.

Kontera Ads are kind of the same,Chitika in other hand is Good only if your blog traffic's more in Cannada and USA.

So overall its Google Adsense which wins the race.

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