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Friday, December 23, 2011

How Can i get more traffic to my Blog/Website?

Want more people to visit your blog?

Creating a blog and adding the ads to your blogs is easy but few affiliate company like requires atleast 5k views per month.

Getting people to visit your blog is the biggest problem for a blogger especially a new blogger.

So i think i ll give few tips which can work for you.

Few affiliate companies will reject you easily,cause you dont have enough pageviews.
As it doesnt matter them because remember your new blogger , its like your few drops of water trying to get into the ocean and rejecting a few drops wont end up in drying the ocean..

So there are many social networking sites like facebook,twitter.

Create a fan page..Dont forget to post your blog views to your facebook page, click "like on other pages".Go to their page and write your blog url in their wall.

Go to twitter and follow all those who follow you, type #teamfollowback in profile description.Hence as your followers increases and so tell them to check your blog..

I will help you to increase your pageviews, mail me at or follow me on twitter at

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