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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Message For Bloggers On Google ADSENSE

Its great to create a blog,share our thoughts and all other stuff.

After a year later,i learnt that we can make money through blogs.

First thing i did was submitting my blog to Google Adsense.

And Even before they accepted my blog i started dreaming day and night about what i ll do with the money i earn from adsense.

But they dint even take a day to reject my blog, My Dreams broke before it began.

I Was so angry that i deleted all my posts, goota say few of my posts were taken from other websites,but i feel i did it cause i had no other choice,there's lot more thing to do than just blogging.I Cant Write about stuff all myself,i gotta write exams and have other things to do.

Its bit difficult to blog but it feels great once you create one.

So Google adsense still dint approve me,was dishearted.But i switched my plans i went to other Affiliate Company like , , , . Beleive me they all will accept your blogs for sure. I will surely explain about each advertising company, but i have a thought for all of you: "If your feeling that blogging will make you rich? Then please forget it.Its not that easy,especially when you copy stuff from other sites"

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