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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Will Google ADSENSE accept my Blog??

The question everybody will be asking in Yahoo Answers,Facebook,Twitter etc!!!!!

My adsense has been rejected,because i think i dont have a new content on my blog....

My Buddy created a blog on Product Reviews Etc! But his Adsense account was rejected too.

Reason:Nobody Knows!!

I beleive all they want is more pageviews, cause i see many blogs with Google Ads placed on it inspite the content is copied!!!!

Whom shall i complaint this too??

Only thing i can do is to stand infront of the mirror and ask myself "Did i waste a whole month type new things to my blog and my account was rejected.But the blog which copied content from other websites was accepted! Why the hell is these things happening?"

So i say "Dont Dream that you ll earn lot of money through blogging, you have luck with you then its ok or else just go and stand in front of the mirror and do what i did"

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